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Making history in Yeshivas
Tomchei Tmimim
Or Menachem,



After many years, the first Tanya is printed in the Yeshiva of Or Menachem Napierville as per the Rebbe’s request.

Sponsor A Dedication

Celebrating 120 Years Since the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Birth

(1902 – 2022).

A light that illuminates another candle, has none of his light diminished, yet it continues spreading of the warmth and light. So too, we are certain that the blessings imparted with the original Tanya given by the Rebbe will bring blessings to all the participants of our Tanya printing. We encourage you to use the red link below to insert your name, and that of your family members. The names will be added to the Tanya and be part of the final binding of the Sefer. Although no donation is required to have your name included, we suggest donations in the amounts of 120.

Importance of Printing Tanya:

Part of the propagation of Chassidus is to ensure that Jews have the wherewithal to study its teachings. In particular, this means that Jews should have Tanyas in which to learn the “Written Law” of Chabad Chassidus.

It is therefore a most worthwhile project to print Tanyas in every place that has a Jewish population. When a Jew sees that it is an edition that has been printed in his city, in his town, he will be more enthusiastic about studying it.

In addition to ensuring that Jews learn Tanya in those places where it has been printed, a substantial number of copies of those editions should be left in those places, with the Rabbi, the communal leaders, etc. This will inspire and encourage them to learn Tanya themselves, and to study it with others. And because “one mitzvah brings about another,” those who study Tanya will come to follow its directives.

When the Tanya is printed in a particular place but bound in another, the unbound editions should be learned immediately where they were printed. Such was the way Tanya was originally studied. The Alter Rebbe writes in the introduction to Tanya that it was originally studied in pamphlet form, and only afterwards were those pamphlets printed and bound together.

If, for some reason, Tanya was not studied in a place where it was printed, at least one of those who were involved in its printing should return to that place and learn from that edition together with the residents of that place. And, as noted above, a substantial number of copies of that edition should be left there.

May it be G‑d’s will that very soon we will merit the true and complete redemption through our righteous Moshiach, when we, “with our youth and our elders, with our sons and our daughters,” will go together to our holy land.

(Translation from Rebbe’s Discourse Shabbos Parshas Bo, 5744, Taken from

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