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Dear Parents,

Thank you for taking interest in our Yeshiva.
     We are pleased to send you an application form for the 5784-85 year.

    Located in Napierville, our devoted staff is committed to help your child realize his maximum potential.  Our main goal is to offer personalized attention and constant support to raise the students level and instill good midos and Chassidishe Hanhagos. 

         Farbrengens, guest speakers and  Mivtzaim complemente our Limidei Kodesh  program  Additionally, we are offering training in computers, Safrus and other practical skills. Studies are complemented by sports, music and outdoor extra-curricular activities. 
         Our Yeshiva allows its students to graduate with new personal growth, qualities and skills. These will serve as keys in opening the doors to new possibilities, enabling the students to go further in life. 

       We will be pleased to speak to you personally and offer you more information please feel free to

contact us at 514-341-1770.



After submitting we will contact you within 14 days

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