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Or Menachem Napierville

Fishel Kleinman

We are proud to announce the opening of a new Yeshiva-Mesivta in Napierville, QC (about 45 minutes from Montreal.

The Yeshiva is opening for all three Shiurim - Alef through Gimmel.

The Yeshiva building is located on its own spacious grounds, creating a calm environment, enabling the Bochurim to be completely enveloped in the Yeshiva atmosphere, where they can focus on their growth in learning and Avodas Hashem.

The 4 acre grounds hosts a Zal, classrooms, spacious dorm, heated Mikva, swimming pool, basketball court and much more.

Some of the Hanhala members include, Rabbi Yehuda Dahan, a veteran Mechanech and Menahel, who for over 20 years has successfully guided and nurtured each of his Talmidim. 

He will be joined by Rabbi Aba Amzallag, a talented Mechanech and Mashpia, with a special ability to relate to each talmid individually, giving them the tools and support they need to grow and flourish into true Temimim.

Rabbi Sholom Feigelshtok, his Chasidishkeit and Eidelkeit coupled with his unique approach to education, ensures each Talmid not only understands the material he is learning, but also fosters a deep enjoyment to learn.

Rabbi Emanuel Chaviv, one of the Rabonim of Machon Halacha Chabad, will be teaching Niglah. Sharing with the Talmidim his vast knowledge, as well as, bringing the Gemara learning into practical Halacha.

This incredible team of staff are committed to shaping the next generation of Temimim, imbued with the spirit of Tomchei Temimim as the Rebbe Rashab laid out in his famous Sicha of Kol Hayotzei L’milchemes Beis Dovid. Not being affected by the Hanochos Ha’olom around, and on the contrary – getting the world ready for Moshiach’s coming, through living a life of Chassidus, with chassidshe Middos Tovos, a love for the Rebbe and איבערגעגעבנקייט to his Inyonim.

It is our hope and dream, that the experience the Talmidei Hatemimim will have in our Yeshiva, will mold them into the proud Chassidim, Yerei Shomayim and Lamdanim – as per the Rebbe’s desire.

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