Or Menachem

Since 2003, Yeshiva Or Menachem (13-16) is devoted to help each student succeed. With small classes and a high staff-to-student ratio, each student gets personalized attention and constant support to raise their learning level.

In addition, there are Chasidishe programs aimed at raising our students Yiras Shamayim and Chasidishe Hanhagos. This includes Farbrengens, guest speakers, Mivtzaim, Limud Baal Peh and more.

Additionally, we offer for those interested secular classes in English and Mathematics (with possibility for high school diploma), computers and Safrus. Studies are complemented by sports, music, outdoor extra-curricular activities and trips.

Yeshiva Or Menachem is located in the Napierville, 30 minutes from Montreal.

  • One on one learning
  • Exam with rabbi
  • Exam with rabbi
  • Receiving diploma
  • Happy Birthday
  • Safrus program
  • Outdoor play time
  • Yeshiva building